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Svrčková Michaela

Svrčková Michaela | Managing Director, for Czech Republic and Slovakia of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

Michaela Svrckova is the managing director for Czech Republic and Slovakia of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, the largest container shipping line worldwide. Additionally, she leads the local development of MEDLOG, part of MSC Group, which is fast-growing within Czech Republic and Slovakia the last two years. Medlog concentrates on inland logistics, with a special focus on rail and trucking services. In 2002, Michaela embarked on this adventure, paving the way for various opportunities across departments and responsibilities. This journey granted her a profound global understanding of the industry and the expertise to address intricate challenges and enhance local organization. Crucial in accompanying and structuring local growth, she achieved successful setups for the development of multimodal services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Michaela's defining traits are dynamism, passion for her work, and exemplary leadership skills. She places a strong emphasis on developing her team members, constantly fostering their growth, and nurturing their potential.”

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